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Presumably, by the time you’ve reached this page, you’ve watched the YouTube videos, and read the Wikipedia article, and have at least roughly some idea of what ‘Hang drum’* are. And by now (like almost everybody else who has stumbled across them online), you're trying to get your greedy little hands on one. ;)

So below, we’ll be exploring the various options for acquiring, and placing a Hang drum (or similar instrument) into your lap (read on).

* Please note that some ‘fans’of the ‘instrument’ in question (including the makers) take deep offence to the attached ‘drum’ moniker (and even referring to it as an ‘instrument’ can cause upset in certain circles). Preferring the ‘Sound sculpture’ (as they would have it called), simply to go by the name of ‘Hang’ (or ‘PANArt Hang’) - but seeing as the drum tag is so widely used online, we’ll continue to use it within this page for the sake of ease of search, via Google, and other search engines.

The official route:

While in the past it was possible to buy a Hang drum from a handful of music shops, and at festivals, etc. Since the massive increase in demand for the Hang drum, fueled by the viral nature of the Internet, and YouTube videos, there is currently only one official route to buying a Hang drum directly from those who make them (PANArt). And that is to write a hand-written letter (request/application) to the following address.

The Address:

PANArt Hangbau AG
Engehaldenstr. 131
3012 Bern/Switzerland

As far as is known, there is no magic formula* as to what to write to guarantee the successful acquisition of a Hang drum from PANArt. With general advice being to ‘write from the heart’, cross your fingers, hope, and wait.

*Though bearing in mind the dislike that PANArt feel for the attached ‘drum’ moniker, refraining from referring to the Hang as a ‘Hang drum’ in your letter is certainly advised.

It has been stated that PANArt do not operate a waiting list in the standard sense, but instead offer their creations as, and when available, to those with which they feel a certain 'resonance'.

Each 'sculpture' is hand-crafted, and at the time of writing (2012) Hang drum bought directly from PANArt cost around: 2000€ ($2600).

[Update] October 2013, PANArt announced that they will no longer be making ANY Hang.  They will however now be offering their new (and relatively speaking, similar) instrument for sale, named the 'Gubal'.  Watch videos of the new PANArt Gubal: HERE
Alternative routes to buying a Hang drum - eBay:

Most who have not obtained their Hang drum directly from PANArt, have secured them via this next route. ebay.

At the time of writing, roughly 1-2 Hang appear for sale on ebay each month (globally). However, compared to the price that PANArt charge for Hang direct, due to their rarity, and demand, Hang sold on ebay are considerably more expensive (you can usually find any Hang currently for sale on ebay listed: HERE).

At the time of writing the average Hang sold on sells for around $7000-$8000.

* Several Hang have sold for $10,000+
* Those that sell for below the average price are usually sold on the national ebay sites of countries other than the U.S. Such as the German ebay site). So it’s worth checking around if you’re looking to find a Hang for a bargain price (relatively speaking).
* Nearly all Hang sold via ebay are first generation Hang drum - due to the ‘contract’ that PANArt have with all owners of later generation Hang, that obliges owners to first offer their Hang drum back to PANArt for sale at the original price, before exploring other avenues of sale.

*PANArt will not retune any Hang drum bought for more than the original price - which is pretty much all (if not all) Hang sold via ebay (though there are other retuning options).
Craigslist, Gumtree, Classifieds Sites, etc.
Hang drum offered for sale on sites like Craigslist, and similar, can be fairly numerous. However, 99.9% of Hang drum offered for sale via sites like these are scams. Only consider this route should you find one listed locally, and are able to check it out in person, before considering purchase.
Alternatives to the Hang drum for sale:
With demand far exceeding supply with regards to Hang drum, other ‘Hang-inspired’ instruments have appeared in their wake. These range from the almost equally sought after ‘Halo’, from ‘Pantheon Steel’, through to less sought after imitations, that reflect the quality of the Hang drum more in image, than in sound.
* The name given to the entire ‘genus’ of Hang-inspired instruments as a whole is ‘HandPan’, and you can find a list of some of the most popular, not so popular, and experimental HandPan here: HandPan List.
*Another popular alternative for those seeking, but unable to obtain a Hang drum, is the instrument known as the ‘Hank drum’. Or alternatively, as either ‘Steel tongue drum’, or ‘Tank drum. You can find a list of these for sale here: Hank drum list.
Further resources for finding Hang drum for sale:

* HandPans Magazine Facebook Page
* HandPan Bay
* HandPan Tube

* From time to time PANArt are known to take a hiatus (a break from building Hang) during which people are encouraged not to send letters requesting Hanghang.  Additionally, price, and/or the procedure for purchasing a Hang direct from PANArt might change a little over time.  Two websites that have close ties with PANArt (who currently have no web presence of their own) are 'Hang Blog', and 'Hang Forum', both of which are useful for obtaining the very latest information regarding the current status of Hang production, and the latest guidance for the purchase of a Hang.

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